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The Chilli People

In the midst of a pandemic, in a kitchen in Edinburgh, Pete found a dusty Chinese cookbook in the back of his cupboard. He had a flick through, and one recipe caught his eye. After a few hours and some adjustments, he had made a bottle of ruby red, generously warm and lightly spicy chilli oil.

It wasn’t long before the rest of us tried it, and once we did, we didn’t stop. We joked that we needed to take it to the masses. That joke is still going, and it is why you’re reading this now.

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Our Products

Gift Set

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? A bottle of our homemade original Chilli Oil, hand packed with a glazed dipping bowl and chilli growing kit. Only a limited number are available, so grab one before they’re gone!

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Chilli Oil

The Original chilli oil. Smokey and warm, packed full of chilli flakes, and all made in our Edinburgh kitchen.

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Love our Chilli Oil? Why not help us grow, and grow your wardrobe at the same time? Our brand new merchandise range has just landed – high quality clothing and accessories made to order.

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  • "The spice level is perfect and the flavour is unlike anything on the market. I recommend to everyone as a condiment for everything"

  • "Finding a good chilli oil in the UK is hard and The Chilli People have not only made a good one, but a great one"

  • "Not to be dramatic but I eat this on absolutely everything. Can’t get enough. Genuinely."

  • "I really love having this on cheese on toast – would really recommend anyone who likes a little bit of heat and lots of lovely flavour."

  • "Best chilli oil this side of the Bosphorus."

  • "I can't think of a single dish that would not be enhanced by the liberal application of The Chilli People's marvellous creation."

  • "This chilli oil elevates dishes through it's nutty, smokey tones and has a tickle of heat to warm your palette."